Braingym Playschool

In our Brain gym playschool children learn through playful investigation and reflection. As young authors, scientists, mathematicians, artists, historians, singers and dancers, they make meaning by observing, approximating, recording performing ,questioning , confirming, telling , re-telling, thinking, feeling and searching. The rewarding atmosphere we create intertwines child-initiated and teacher-designed activities. It is a safe place for children to be themselves. With us , they learn to take care of their friends and the things around them, making their world together.

Media Cab

A Media talent nurturing platform. Facility for media education , Radio programmes, panel discussions , academic discussion ,etc. Opens the multi-disciplined area of media both audio and visual to our students.

Lab Complex

Futuristic 4500 sq.ft. Lab Complex caters the requirement of both ICSE & Kerala Syllabi. We have fully fledged labs for Physics , Chemistry , Botany & Zoology. Equipped with all the apparatus and materials for conducting practical sessions. The superb lab makes learning process interesting and lively.

Conference Hall

Fully air-conditioned and state of art Conference hall is a landmark in the history of Sacred Heart School.


Aims at teaching in tune with the latest trends in technological realm. We have a proud array of most sophisticated systems and internet connectivity. It brings the world to our student’s fingertips.

Language Lab

Our Language Lab is set up with the primary aim of enabling our students to speak English with good accent and accuracy. Equipped with the most sophisticated gadgets, we make the study of English easy and enjoyable. Our intention is to perfect the language for the student to become a global citizen.

Library and Reading Room

The school library with its rich stock of thousands of rare and valuable titles, is a veritable storehouse of knowledge. Books on information. G K , Science and Technology , Literature , History etc. Are stocked in our spacious library. World famous classics add a new vigour to our collection.

Smart Class

Smart Class is not an alternative to teaching. It is technology – integrated teaching. To keep abreast of the changing trends in teaching methods , our school installed smart class rooms. We hope this venture is a success and that all the classes in our school will be made smart.