This is our school crest , designed in 1964 by the founder of this institutuion late Rev. Fr. K J Antony Kaithara. It is a noble device teaching the ideals and aspirations of Sacred Heart School.

The School crest is round in shape. It represents the world. The Sacred Heart of Jesus in the middle shows the flaming love of Jesus. The crown at the top symbolises victory and success in life which is to be attained through hard work and perseverance. No victory without suffering and hard work; there is no crown without a cross. The cross in the middle reminds us of this truth.

The open book at the bottom of the round shield , the Holy Bible is the word of God which must guide us in our learning and studies. The dove at the top is the symbol of the Holy Spirit who brooded over the primeval waters at the time of creation and who appeared at the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan. The Holy Spirit enlightens the Sacred Heartians. It also signifies purity, innocence, tenderness, peace, affection, unity, prosperity and simplicity.

The two spikes of wheat remind us that we should become like the flour which is converted finally into the Eucharistic Bread.

The words in the ribbon at the bottom indicate study, work and service. It highlights the motto of the institution ‘Servire Caritate’ in addition to the need for continuous learning and hard work.